I started easing into a primal diet in early 2010.  The aches of middle age were getting to me, so I had already started working out regularly to help with that.  But my husband ending up in the hospital with pancreatitis was the tipping point for taking good health seriously.  I’ve never been fond of cooking, but in 2012 I realized that the only way to really control the quality of my food is to cook the vast majority of it myself.  Since I don’t have much cooking background to draw upon, I mainly look for recipes that seem workable and alter them to my needs.  I’m posting these new recipe creations to a blog to help keep track of them in a format that can easily be shared, with the hope that the recipes can also help others in their journeys towards better health. Cheers!

Ranch dogs Cash and KodiakCash and Kodiak are my helpers in all things ranch, garden, cooking, and work.


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