Spiced Coconut Flour Tortillas

October 10, 2014 § 1 Comment

The tortilla recipe I had linked to in my Chicken Enchiladas recipe has been removed, so I’m just going to post my favorite way of making tortillas for Mexican food. I like using a small skillet for this because smaller tortillas are easier to handle and don’t tear as easily. This makes about 8 taco-sized tortillas.

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Banana Pancakes

October 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

This recipe is adapted from Banana-Pecan Pancakes in Paleo Indulgences by Tammy Credicott. Tammy’s recipe looks delicious, but I’m not a fan of nuts in pancakes, so I changed the proportions a bit to leave out the pecans.

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Lemon Ricotta Crepes with Blueberry Sauce

July 25, 2013 § 1 Comment

Lemon Ricotta Crepes with Blueberry SauceThis recipe was inspired by a cooking show my husband was watching when I happened to walk into the room. The original Layered Crepe Cake with Blueberries and Ricotta Cheese from Hubert Keller looked like it would easily convert to low carb. The first time through I made it in the layered cake form, which was fun and looked neat, but it was a lot of work for no real added value. « Read the rest of this entry »

Coconut Pancakes

July 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

PancakesCooking with Coconut Flour by Bruce Fife was the first cookbook of grain-free recipes I bought, and I still return to it for new ideas. I found his pancakes to be quite a bit thinner than I prefer, so I adjusted the recipe to create a thicker, heavier version. These are still thin compared to wheat flour pancakes, but they hit closer to the mark.
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Zucchini Muffins

June 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

Zucchini MuffinsPaleo Comfort Foods by Julie and Charles Mayfield includes a family recipe called Morning Glory Muffins. Recently my garden was overflowing with zucchini, so I reworked this great recipe to create zucchini muffins.
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